Satanic Hell #1

metal and religion collide in Satanic Hell #1

Satanic Hell is a seven-issue comic series about a metal band trapped in a religious dystopia.

Broke and directionless, the three members of the metal band Satanic Hell arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious promoter named Sam. Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus quickly find trouble in the bizarre world of Texas, now controlled by a council of religious fanatics. The tour is their last chance to save the band, but it could mean entering their own personal hell.

Full color, 24 pages, seven-issue bi-monthly series from Alterna Comics.

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Story: Grigoris Douros
Art: Kevin Enhart
Additional Art: Newel Anderson
Colors: Jimmy Kerast
Letters: E.T. Dollman
Editor: Chris Douros

Satanic Hell #2 is here!