The End is Here! Satanic Hell 7 Hits Comixology!

The thrilling finish to the epic series Satanic Hell is out now on Comixology and PDF from Alterna Comics. In issue 7, our favorite metal band finds itself at the end of the tour of Texas the theocracy. The series, produced by Zeno Telos Press, is packed with satire, action, controversy and some scary reflections of reality, and the final episode amps it up a further notch:

“All hell breaks loose in the series’ epic finale as the psychopathic Saint returns, Eva goes rogue and the movement squares off against the Texas Council of Churches. With the metal band’s monstrous fate sealed before the pandemonium even starts, can Satanic Hell find a way to stop Reverend Scudder and end the religious madness afflicting the state?”

As with any comic book series, mountains of time and effort were poured into finishing it. Huge thanks and kudos to the creative team of Grigoris Douros, Kevin Enhart, Jimmy Kerast and ET Dollman. More of their work can be found through these links.

Satanic Hell #7 cover Alterna Comics

“Another tension-filled issue” – the Comic Book Slayer on Satanic Hell #6

Bryant Dillon, aka @ComicBookSlayer, from Fanboy Comics gives his take on the latest from our metal band friends in Satanic Hell:

Creator and writer Grigoris Douros had written another tension-filled issue and is clearly building to a finale that will force his characters to deal with the completely unexpected, if not downright supernatural. While there is plenty of broody darkness in Satanic Hell #6,  Douros’ script also features enough enjoyable wit and humor to balance out the mix. As with previous issues of the series, Satanic Hell #6 features extra content at the end of the book (similar to the format of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons‘ Watchmen), and, in this issue, Douros made the smart decision to add even more of these brilliant “extras,” including an email from the twisted Dr. Wartech to Reverend Scudder regarding his torture of the band members, a pro-Satanic Hell op/ed from Eva Scudder, and more delicious tidbits.”

Satanic Hell #1-6 are out now in PDF and on Comixology from Alterna Comics. The final issue comes out November 2015.

Read the full review at Fanboy Comics.

You can also get $5 off your first purchase on Comixology by clicking on the link in this review of Satanic Hell from 3 Million Years.

Satanic Hell Texas Delenda Est album

Satanic Hell #6 is “a subversive, satirical look at theology and dictatorships”

Lee Brandrick of Retrograde Reviews just read through Satanic Hell #6 and he likes it! Here’s what he has to say regarding the penultimate issue about the metal bands foray into a dystopian Texas:

Comixology has the genre for Satanic Hell listed as ‘music’ and in a way I suppose it is, after all the titular characters are a metal band who become embroiled in a religious conspiracy. However if you scratch the surface this series is about so much more, it’s a subversive, satirical look at theology and dictatorships in a world where everything isn’t as it seems. At a deeper level it is a look at the dichotomy of good and evil, at what happens when everything you thought you knew was exposed as a lie, and it brings all these elements together nicely to make for a pretty enjoyable read.”

The latest issue of Satanic Hell can be found on PDF and Comixology, complete with previews of the issue.

Read the full review on Retrograde Reviews!

SATANIC HELL 06 Eva Scudder Split


Satanic Hell #5 hits Comixology! and PDF too :)

Satanic Hell #5 is now available at Comixology and on PDF from Alterna Comics. The satirical and harrowing saga of the metal band is working its way to its rapture-inducing finale! If you haven’t read the earlier issues, catch them in the Satanic Hell #1-4 bundle deal.

After her punishment, Eva makes the ultimate decision: choosing between heaven or hell. With Dr. Wartech and Reverend Scudder delivering retribution to the band, Death Priest, Dante and Exodus get a new understanding of eternal suffering. Can an unexpected visitor save the beleaguered trio and get them back on track to save Texas from itself?

Story: Grigoris Douros, Art: Kevin Enhart, Additional Art: Newel Anderson, Colors: Jimmy Kerast

Pick up Satanic Hell on PDF gives Satanic Hell 4 stars! “Everything I would expect from an Alterna Book”

Ian Yarington’s review from takes a look at the first five issues of the Satanic Hell saga and declares the metal band’s story a hit: 4 stars for art, writing, and lettering! If you haven’t seen Satanic Hell yet, take a look at the previews on Comixology or pick up the first four issues in the Satanic Hell bundle deal. Issue 5 will soon be here July 22 from Alterna Comics. Here’s some of what Ian had to say:

“Satanic Hell is professional and everything I would expect from an Alterna book. The guys in the band are distinctive in look but similar like a rock trio would be. I like the art because it’s thick with black lines and still colorful where needed, Enhart and Kerast use the color scheme to enhance and help to emphasize the needed vibes of dark rock and roll life and the holier than thou Evangelical Christian fanaticism.”

The review also contains some great previews and kudos to writer Grigoris Douros, illustrator Kevin Enhart, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer ET Dollman.

Death Priest in Flames - SH #02

Death Priest, in flames live in Texas!