The thrilling finish to the epic series Satanic Hell is out now on Comixology and PDF from Alterna Comics. In issue 7, our favorite metal band finds itself at the end of the tour of Texas the theocracy. The series, produced by Zeno Telos Press, is packed with satire, action, controversy and some scary reflections of reality, and the final episode amps it up a further notch:

“All hell breaks loose in the series’ epic finale as the psychopathic Saint returns, Eva goes rogue and the movement squares off against the Texas Council of Churches. With the metal band’s monstrous fate sealed before the pandemonium even starts, can Satanic Hell find a way to stop Reverend Scudder and end the religious madness afflicting the state?”

As with any comic book series, mountains of time and effort were poured into finishing it. Huge thanks and kudos to the creative team of Grigoris Douros, Kevin Enhart, Jimmy Kerast and ET Dollman. More of their work can be found through these links.

Satanic Hell #7 cover Alterna Comics