Lee Brandrick of Retrograde Reviews just read through Satanic Hell #6 and he likes it! Here’s what he has to say regarding the penultimate issue about the metal bands foray into a dystopian Texas:

Comixology has the genre for Satanic Hell listed as ‘music’ and in a way I suppose it is, after all the titular characters are a metal band who become embroiled in a religious conspiracy. However if you scratch the surface this series is about so much more, it’s a subversive, satirical look at theology and dictatorships in a world where everything isn’t as it seems. At a deeper level it is a look at the dichotomy of good and evil, at what happens when everything you thought you knew was exposed as a lie, and it brings all these elements together nicely to make for a pretty enjoyable read.”

The latest issue of Satanic Hell can be found on PDF and Comixology, complete with previews of the issue.

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SATANIC HELL 06 Eva Scudder Split