Bryant Dillon, aka @ComicBookSlayer, from Fanboy Comics gives his take on the latest from our metal band friends in Satanic Hell:

Creator and writer Grigoris Douros had written another tension-filled issue and is clearly building to a finale that will force his characters to deal with the completely unexpected, if not downright supernatural. While there is plenty of broody darkness in Satanic Hell #6,  Douros’ script also features enough enjoyable wit and humor to balance out the mix. As with previous issues of the series, Satanic Hell #6 features extra content at the end of the book (similar to the format of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons‘ Watchmen), and, in this issue, Douros made the smart decision to add even more of these brilliant “extras,” including an email from the twisted Dr. Wartech to Reverend Scudder regarding his torture of the band members, a pro-Satanic Hell op/ed from Eva Scudder, and more delicious tidbits.”

Satanic Hell #1-6 are out now in PDF and on Comixology from Alterna Comics. The final issue comes out November 2015.

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