Ian Yarington’s review from ComicBooked.com takes a look at the first five issues of the Satanic Hell saga and declares the metal band’s story a hit: 4 stars for art, writing, and lettering! If you haven’t seen Satanic Hell yet, take a look at the previews on Comixology or pick up the first four issues in the Satanic Hell bundle deal. Issue 5 will soon be here July 22 from Alterna Comics. Here’s some of what Ian had to say:

“Satanic Hell is professional and everything I would expect from an Alterna book. The guys in the band are distinctive in look but similar like a rock trio would be. I like the art because it’s thick with black lines and still colorful where needed, Enhart and Kerast use the color scheme to enhance and help to emphasize the needed vibes of dark rock and roll life and the holier than thou Evangelical Christian fanaticism.”

The review also contains some great previews and kudos to writer Grigoris Douros, illustrator Kevin Enhart, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer ET Dollman.

Death Priest in Flames - SH #02

Death Priest, in flames live in Texas!