It’s been great to see the positive reactions to Satanic Hell. The story, the art, the colors have really gained fans. Readers especially the like extras at the end of issues which go deeper into the world of the metal band and the bizarre religious state of Texas.

Bryant Dillon of Fanboy Comics had this to say about Satanic Hell #4 from Alterna Comics: “Writer Grigoris Douros and his creative team (including artists Kevin Enhart and Newel Anderson, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer E.T. Dollman) continue to deliver a bold and rambunctious, rock-and-roll tale that, while highly sensationalized, still manages to touch on important, modern-day American social issues.” He also loved the issue’s extras: “Douros’ creative team continues to provide the dark, gritty, emotive look and feel that Satanic Hell has established in previous issues, and as I’ve mentioned many times before, the comic book “extras” in the back of the book continue to be one of my favorite aspects of each issue and are an excellent form of “world-building” from Douros.” See the full review of Satanic Hell #4 at Fanboy Comics.

Rob Wrecks of Indie Comics also enjoyed Satanic Hell #4: “Grigoris and the gang up the ante in this issue by…not holding back! …I am really loving the work of Kevin and Newel’s art, along with Jimmy’s colors in this book” and “the interview we see at the end of this book as it really helps to make the band in this title feel like a real one.” Read the full review of Satanic Hell #4 at Indie Comics.

If you haven’t seen Satanic Hell yet, check out previews on Comixology or get the Satanic Hell bundle of issues #1-4.

Death Priest, “the Satanic Pope” from issue 4. Illustration by Kevin Enhart, colors by Jimmy Kerast.