“Smart, edgy and well-paced” – Patrick Hickey Jr, Review Fix

“Large amounts of dark humor…with little nods and winks to the reader! This is worth checking out!” – Michael Nimmo, 3 Million Years

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Satanic Hell Bundle 1-4 May Only

Satanic Hell is the story of a struggling metal band that gets a last-chance tour in Texas. However, when band members Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus arrive, they find themselves in a nightmare world ruled by Christian extremists. Revered Scudder is convinced Satanic Hell has been sent by the Devil himself and so he brings in some “divine” intervention to put an end to the metal band. The band members all have their own motivations for doing the tour and it’s unclear if they can finish it before breaking up or being destroyed. The question remains: Can three guys in a metal band survive, let alone change, the Holy State of Texas?

I see Satanic Hell as a Persepolis meets V for Vendetta with some Spinal Tap thrown in to bring it up to 11. The gripping story is amplified by Kevin Enhart’s gritty art and Jimmy Kerast’s haunting colors. If you’re a fan of dystopian fiction, satire, or metal/rock music, then this series is for you. The seven-issue series is published by Alterna Comics and can be found here in our May Bundle Sale.