Satanic Hell was highlighted on Rhymes With Geek in their new RWG Radar column. Here’s a clip from me speaking about Satanic Hell in the feature:

“Satanic Hell is the story of a struggling metal band that gets a last-chance tour in Texas. However, when band members Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus arrive, they find themselves in a nightmare world run by Christian extremists. An epic clash ensues that is ripe for satire. The band members have their own internal challenges as well as they attempt to disrupt and survive what they perceive is hell on earth. I see it as a Persepolis meets V for Vendetta with some Spinal Tap thrown in to bring it up to 11. French artists Kevin Enhart and Jimmy Kerast amplify the story with Kevin deftly handling the illustrations and Jimmy giving the series its haunting colors. The seven-issue series comes out bi-monthly from Alterna Comics.”

You check out the full article here on Rhymes With Geek, which also contains a preview of Satanic Hell.

Metal Demoness Satanic Hell 02 black