Ron was a metal fan and a friend of mine. He grew up in a fundamentalist Christian environment. Here’s an excerpt from the story about him:

“The creation of Satanic Hell was also influenced by elements of the Christian right’s culture war that were closer to home – the experience of my good friend Ron, who was part of our role-playing group in high school. We all hung out daily at school and on the weekends doing Satanic things like eating pizza and playing Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis. None of us were religious, including Ron, but he came from an Assembly of God family. The Assembly of God church, if you didn’t know, is the friendly, down-home fundamentalist Pentecostal church that takes the Bible literally and believes in speaking in tongues, faith healing, spiritual warfare, and opposes social dancing. You know, American, like apple pie and fruit loops.”

Read the full version of Ron’s Story in Part 2 of The Black Scare: Metal, Christianity, and Satanic Hell.