Rob Wrecks from Indie Comix had a cool interview with me in which we discussed Satanic Hell and the inspiration behind the comic book series. The interview includes some preview pics from Satanic Hell issue#3. He also asked me what my biggest regret ever was. But first, some of the Satanic Hell bits:

“1. Hello there, and welcome to the Mind Meld here at IndieComiX! For those that may not know of you and what it is that you do. Would you be willing to tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks. I’m the writer of Satanic Hell, a seven-issue comic series out now on Alterna Comics. The series is about a metal band that gets a last chance to save their struggling band – a tour through Texas, which is now ruled by a Christian Taliban. So they have to go through their own version of hell-on-earth if they want to succeed. Readers who like dystopian fiction and satire, will love it. Metal fans too, of course. The first issue is out and the next one is due January 14. You can pick them up on Amazon or Comixology. I also write about creating comics at

2. Most welcome! What was the inspiration that led you to create Satanic Hell?

It was the rise of the religious right in the US after Bush administration started its wars in the post-9/11 era. You started to see the Christian Right more prominent in the government and the media – like Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, and Texas governor Rick Perry, who started his presidential campaign at a prayer rally led by Christians who believe the government should be subject to biblical laws. These are the folks that are fighting against homosexuality, birth control, sex education, evolution, and supporting wars based on their religious beliefs. They believe that Satan and the supernatural are real forces to be feared. So the recipe for good satire was apparent. In the series, Texas is the Christian Right’s dream world – this is how they would run society if they had control. Throw a metal band named “Satanic Hell” into the state and you have a powerful conflict with plenty of room for humor. There’s a great story to be told.”

And now for Question #8:

“8. If there was any one thing you could go back and do over again. What would it be? And why?

I would have gone to the Metallica Black Album tour. A friend invited me and I turned him down for some stupid reason- it was a school night and I think I had a test the next morning and I was more into punk at the time. He was more into punk too, but he said it was the greatest concert he’d ever been to. Biggest mistake I ever made…”

To read the full interview, check it here: Indie Comix talks with Satanic Hell Creator