I just wrote a piece on the on the Christian Right’s war on heavy metal music and how that gave rise to Satanic Hell. Here’s the opening from part 1 of the piece:

“What would a state look like if all the kooky rules Christian-right politicians and pastors spout were actually made into reality? No abortion, no sex-ed, no sex out-of-wedlock, no gay marriage or homosexuality, Christian schooling with prayer and creationism, the Bible as a source for laws and governance, and definitely no Satanic rock allowed. Satanic Hell is the story of a metal band entering that Christian dream world, or in their case, nightmare world. It’s a satirical epic that explores life under religious rule for the band as they tour through a Texas taken over by religious fanatics. Upon hearing this premise, my Texas friends jokingly asked me why I was drawn to writing non-fiction. While Texas isn’t a theocracy yet, it has plenty of nutty politicians and aspiring theocrats that made it a fun choice to host the story. So its fiction, but the story of Satanic Hell was influenced by some real-world happenings, including both current events and some from my past.”

Read the full article here on ZenoTelos.com: “The Black Scare: Metal, Christianity, and Satanic Hell part 1

Mercyful Fate and Venom join Satanic Hell