Patrick Hickey Jr of Review Fix interviewed me about our favorite metal band Satanic Hell and the move to Alterna Comics. Its a great interview that gives insight into the band and the story behind Satanic Hell. Here’s an excerpt:

“Review Fix: Why do you think this series is special?

Douros: Satanic Hell does the metal and comics mix right. You’ve got this struggling metal band thrown into this crazy religious world run by the Christian Right. So yeah, there’s this ominous backdrop but that makes for great satire. It’s like Spinal Tap meets 1984 in Texas. I also think Jimmy Kerast’s haunting colors really make the story stand out. He’s amazing and we’re lucky to have him on board.

Review Fix: Without giving too much away, how do things develop in the upcoming issues?

Douros: Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus all have their own motivations for doing the tour of Texas, but as a group they’re all dreaming of succeeding as a band. Every artist would love to make a living from doing what they love and that’s Satanic Hell. Except their act didn’t get much attention in LA. Now they’ve got this tour in Texas that they’re banking everything on. So it needs to go well, but they’re walking into what ironically is going to be hell on earth for them. As the story unfolds, the role of Sam, their tour manager, becomes clearer and new characters jump into the mix, all of which essentially will be throwing a lit match into a powder keg. The fun is just beginning.”

Catch the full interview here on Review Fix.

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