Satanic Hell #3 is out! 29 pages of killer art and story for $0.99. It’s available on PDF using Gumroad, an easy and safe way to download. You can also find it on Graphicly and DriveThruComics. There are no plans to release it on Kindle Fire and Apple iTunes at this time due to the cost. The PDF is easy to read on mobile devices and there are several comic apps available to read them. If you have not read the whole series yet, you can download all three PDFs for a discount at $1.75.

Its took awhile for Satanic Hell #3 to come out due to various reasons. We wanted to find a letterer to free Kevin up so that he could focus on the art. Our first letterer did not work out and but our second one, E.T. Dollman, is awesome. He’ll be lettering the rest of the series. We appreciate your patience. Future issues will be out on time – issue #4 is being colored right now and issue #5 is being penciled. Satanic Hell #4 comes out in March 2013.

Thanks for supporting Satanic Hell. Let us know what you think!