Blogger, metalhead and comic fan, the Impaler Speaks, takes a peak at Satanic Hell and loves it!

On Satanic Hell #1: “The story by Grigoris Douros is compelling, the art by Kevin Enhart and Newel Anderson strikes a nice balance between classic and modern, and the coloring by Jimmy Kerast makes the whole thing pop like the light show at a Cradle Of Filth concert. Throw in a super-cool cover – with a creepy, ‘Sandman’-influenced feel – created by all three visual artists working together, and the end result is a must-have comic, for comics fans and for metal fans alike.”

On Satanic Hell #2: “As in the first issue, the story by Grigoris Douros is worth the cover price…all on its own, while the artwork by Kevin Enhart and coloring by Jimmy Kerast fully seals the deal. I like metal. I like comics. I don’t like having to wait for the rest of the initially-planned seven-issue series to come out in six-week intervals – I want to see what happens to Satanic Hell next!”

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