The preeminent British sci-fi magazine Starburst rated the second issue of Satanic Hell a 7 out of 10 stars. Not too shabby. Its great to see that the story continues to resonate amongst multiple readers.

Satanic Hell makes for an interesting read. Despite the fact that not much at all happens within this second issue, it does a good job in world and atmosphere building. It feels like a horror comic even though no overt horror is ever shown. The art, by Kevin Enhart and Jimmy Kerast is similar to Ben Templesmith’s work in 30 Days of Night, particularly in the colouring.

I didn’t read the previous issue, nor did I know anything about the comic before I clicked open the first page, but this second instalment had me hooked enough to seek out both the first and any subsequent issues. There’s room for improvement – in this case, turning the dial up to eleven might not do anyone any harm – but Satanic Hell is funky enough to have you tapping your foot along to the groove.”

Don’t worry, it hits eleven. Maybe even 12.

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