Dan Morrill from Comics Forge really digs Satanic Hell. He gets it. He even caught the homage to Robert Heinlein. Here’s some of what he had to say about Satanic Hell #2:

“I think I am still going to vote this one as the best independent comic of the year right now because it simply is an engaging story line.

There is a lot here to think about, which is what makes this comic book great. We get half-dressed sexy demons, children fighting the authorities, an evil Christian corporate state that suppresses its population in the name of Jesus.

The second issue comes out of the gate swinging, and keeps up the story line much like comic book one… I am rating this bad boy five of five stars, awesome everything from the story line to the writing to the underlying political tones and unconscious or unintentional or not, an homage to Robert Heinlein. What more could you ask for? This one is worth getting, reading, and digging.”

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