Patrick Hickey Jr from Review Fix gives Satanic Hell a read and loves it!

“Artists Kevin Enhart and Jimmy Kerast paint an image of Texas that feels borrowed, but not stolen from the work of Greg Capullo. Sharp facial expressions with blurry features make for an imaginative and wild car ride. The opening page is absolutely beautiful and will make any seasoned reader think they’re about to read the comic book version of Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been.”

Through the savvy writing and psychedelic yet gritty visuals, you get a debut comic that not only caters to the more sophisticated comic book reader, you get a literal tale that is also enjoyable. Those that see the political undertones will embrace them.”

Patrick ends by saying: “Satanic Hell would be a nice addition to a mature imprint of a major comic book company.”  The Devil won’t argue with that.

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