“A magnificent job of keeping the reader entertained, be it through fear or humor” – Geeks of Doom weighs in on Satanic Hell vol 1!

Gary Makries from the legendary site Geeks of Doom picked up Satanic Hell volume 1 from Alterna Comics. Here’s a blurb:

“Writer Grigoris Douros does a magnificent job of keeping the reader entertained, be it through fear or humor. His blasphemous dialogue will probably get his name cursed more than a few times but I bet he’s okay with that. Teaming up with artists Kevin EnhartNewel Anderson, and Jimmy Kerast allows him to bring his vision to life (or death, whichever you prefer). The art is gritty, simple, and almost drab at times… The faces of the characters are dark and deeply lined, giving them a sense of hopelessness that simple line drawings could never have depicted… Rendered in only the most basic form, it forces the reader deeper into the storytelling.”

Read the entire review here.

Project Nerd also took a look at the metal band’s compilation volume:

“Whether intentional or not, this book can be viewed as a satirical swipe on the ultra conservative views held by many that metal fans worship the devil and sow discord among youths. This attitude is conveyed very effectively by Douros when writing the dialogue for Reverend Scudder, the main villain of the piece. The dialogue for the three main characters flows really well. It feels like genuine conversations between friends, especially when they have disagreements. It’s also steeped in references to metal culture as well as a sneaky Monty Python reference about the Spanish Inquisition.”

Satanic Hell is available on PDF and Comixology. Pick up issue 1 for free on Comixology.

Excellent Work Rev Scudder

Satanic Hell Bundle Deal – All Seven Issues!

The seven-issue series is complete and you can pick all 196 epic pages of it up in this PDF bundle deal from Alterna Comics and Zeno Telos Press. Free-thinking fans of dystopian stories, satire, metal, punk, or rock should check it out!

“Broke and directionless, the three members of the metal band Satanic Hell arrive in Texas for a chance tour set up by a mysterious promoter named Sam. Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus quickly find trouble in the bizarre world of Texas, now controlled by a council of religious fanatics. The quixotic tour is Satanic Hell’s last chance to keep their rock’n roll dreams alive but doing so means going through their own version of hell on earth. Can three guys in metal band save the Holy State from itself and survive?”

PDF Bundle Deal

“I’d happily watch an AMC mini-series of this!” New reviews for the Satanic Hell Finale!

Two more reviews are in for the metal band’s final issue, out now from Alterna Comics. If you haven’t picked up the series yet, be sure to check out the PDF bundle deals or see previews at Comixology.

Fanboy Comics says “Grigoris Douros, the creator and writer behind Satanic Hell, wraps up his comic series with some huge moments and massive changes for his lead characters…Satanic Hell’s art team of Kevin Enhart (art), Newel Anderson (additional art), and Jimmy Kerast (colors) finish out the final issue as strong as ever. The team finally gets to draw the beasties that they’ve clearly been itching to get, and Enheart and Kearst tap into that advantage by also delivering the best cover of the series so far.”

Indie Comix sums up the seven issues “Could the odd experiences they mentioned near the end after all is said and done be a big clue of future trouble for them? Only one man knows for sure and hopefully he won’t keep us in the dark for too long! The fall out for everything after this issue is big and will no doubt have far reaching consequences. So if you’ve yet to read this amazing 7 issue series that will have you feeling all sorts of things through out its run, I highly recommend you read it! Heck, I’d happily watch an AMC mini-series of this!”

Saint returns!